You are not alone when it comes to getting all the right information regarding PrEP. PrEP or Pre-exposure Prophylaxis is a one-a-day medication to protect you from HIV. According to the CDC PrEP reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99% when taken as prescribed. Here at Twin Health Wellness Center, we work to assist you with all of your PrEP questions. We have patient assistance coordinators at hand to work with you whether you have insurance or not. Some questions to consider.

  • Is PrEP safe?
  • How can I get on PrEP?
  • How can I pay for PrEP?
  • How is the right candidate for PrEP?

All of these questions are very important when it comes to your sexual health. PrEP is just another tool in your sexual journey. Walk-ins welcome! For an appointment, call 254-405-6697 or email us to set up one up today. For all questions and more info on PrEP check out